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RG-6 Dual Coaxial Cable, CCS, Dual Shield, Black with Ground

Dual RG-6 Coaxial Cable

Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) Center Conductor

Closed-Cell Foam Polyethylene Dielectric

Dual Shield: Bonded APA Foil + 60% Braid

UV stable PVC jacket – Black (also available in white)

17 AWG Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Ground

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Dual RG-6 Coaxial Cable – 3 GHz

Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Center Conductors

Closed-Cell foam polyethylene (PE) dielectric provides high velocity of propagation

Dual Shield: Bonded Aluminum-Polyester-Aluminum (APA) Foil + 60% Braid

Black ETL CM Grade PVC Jacket

Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Ground Conductor: 17 AWG

Construction and Materials

  1. Copper-Clad Steel Center Conductors – 0.04″ (1.02 mm) Hard-drawn copper-clad steel (CCS).

  2. Center Conductor Bond – Proprietary, clean stripping.polymer is utilized to block moisture migration.

  3. Dielectric – Unique mix of polyethylene providing mechanically stable, closed cell foam with excellent velocity of propagation charatoristics.

  4. First Outer Conductor – Excellent RF shielding before and after flexure is provided by 100% coverage with an aluminum-polyester aluminum (APA) tape securely bonded to the dielectric core.

  5. Second Outer Conductor – A fine wire aluminum braid wire: 34 AWG, 60% Braid coverage.

  6. Jacket – A UV stable, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), outer jacket to protect the core during installation and for the installed life of the cable. Also available with polyethylene (PE) or  LSZH outer jacket.

  7. Ground Conductor: 17 AWG Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel


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