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RG-6 Single Coaxial Cable, CCS, Dual Shield, Black with Ground

Single RG-6 Coaxial Cable

Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) Center Conductor

Closed-Cell Foam Polyethylene Dielectric

Dual Shield: Bonded APA Foil + 60% Braid

UV stable PVC jacket – Black (also available in white)

17 AWG Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Ground

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Single RG-6 Coaxial Cable – 3 GHz

Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Center Conductor

Closed-Cell foam polyethylene (PE) dielectric provides high velocity of propagation

Dual Shield: Bonded Aluminum-Polyester-Aluminum (APA) Foil + 60% Braid

Black ETL CM Grade PVC Jacket

Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel Ground Conductor: 17 AWG

Construction and Materials

  1. Copper-Clad Steel Center Conductor – 0.04″ (1.02 mm) Hard-drawn copper-clad steel (CCS).

  2. Center Conductor Bond – Proprietary, clean stripping.polymer is utilized to block moisture migration.

  3. Dielectric – Unique mix of polyethylene providing mechanically stable, closed cell foam with excellent velocity of propagation charatoristics.

  4. First Outer Conductor – Excellent RF shielding before and after flexure is provided by 100% coverage with an aluminum-polyester aluminum (APA) tape securely bonded to the dielectric core.

  5. Second Outer Conductor – A fine wire aluminum braid wire: 34 AWG, 60% Braid coverage.

  6. Jacket – A UV stable, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), outer jacket to protect the core during installation and for the installed life of the cable. Also available with polyethylene (PE) or  LSZH outer jacket.

  7. Ground Conductor: 17 AWG Hard Drawn Copper-clad Steel


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