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TRISHIELD 6-Series Cable, Dual with Messenger

Available in 1,000 ft bundles

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Construction and Materials

Cable Construction and Materials

  1. Center Conductor – CuAg/Cu/CCS/CCA

  2.  Center Conductor Bond – Proprietary, clean stripping.polymer is utilized to block moisture migration.

  3. Dielectric – Unique mix of polyethylene providing mechanically stable, closed cell foam with high VP.

  4. First Outer Conductor – Excellent HF shield isolation before and after flexure is provided by 100% coverage with an aluminum-polyester aluminum(APA)tape securely bonded to the dielectric core.

  5. Second Outer Conductor – A fine wire Aluminum/ Cu/CCA/CuAg braid wire

  6. Third Outer Conductor – An additional aluminum-polyester-aluminum (APA)tape is used in Tri-shield and Quad-shield constructions to further enhance HF shield isolation before and after flexure.

  7. Fourth Outer Conductor – An additional fine wire aluminum Cu/CCA/CuAg braid is used in Quadshield constructions to further improve  LF shield isolation in extreme RF noise environments.

  8. Corrosion Resistant Protectant 

    Indoor and Aerial

    A non-drip material designed to eliminate moisture migration into the cable construction.


    A flowing compound able to seal small jacket ruptures.

  9. Jacket – A UV stable outer jacket of either polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride(PVC) LSZH is available to protect the core during installation and for the installed life of the cable.

  10. Messenger – A galvanized.carbon steel wire support member attached to the cable by a separable web.

Additional information

Center Conductor Type

Solid Copper, Copper Clad Steel